I am passionate about many things but two of them especially: public policy and technological innovation. As a university professor and policy advisor, my life-long commitment is to work in the intersection between these two areas. I am certain that, with the right policy framework, the digital transformation can bring positive change in all corners of the world.

I also like to engage directly with activities on the ground and I believe that practical experience is the best way to provide wise and relevant policy advice. In 2015, I founded FabLab Western Sicily, a social project aimed at promoting creative learning in Sicilian schools through digital fabrication. In addition, in 2017, I co-founded a start-up offering 3D printing solutions for dentists, for which I was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Science and Healthcare.

Last but not least, I am an incurable globe-trotter. I love travelling as much as I love living in new countries and diving into their culture. In the past 15 years, I lived in Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, while always remaining connected to my home country, Italy.


Digital trade, data protection and EU adequacy decisions

Keywords: data flows, data protection, adequacy

Co-Authors: Bernard Hoekman, Filippo Santi, Erik van der Marel
Date: November 2023

Using a structural gravity model, we assess whether EU adequacy decisions on data protection are associated with bilateral digital trade.

Governing personal data and trade in digital services

Keywords: digital trade, protectionism

Co-Authors: Erik van der Marel
Date: March 2024

Using a gravity model, we then study if sharing a similar regulatory model between trading partners is associated with trade in digital services.

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Public Speaking

Una ricetta per formare giovani creatori [in Italian]

Keywords: education, digital skills

Date: November 2018

TEDx talk at TEDxLakeComo about the future of education and the experience of innovative learning proposed by FabLab Western Sicily.

Incontro "Libere Tutte: Donne che cambiano l'Italia [in Italian]

Keywords: Women, digital divide

Date: February 2019

Intervento in occasione dell'evento "Libere Tutte - Idee, Esperienze: Donne che cambiano l'Italia" organizzato dalle donne di Piazza Grande.

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My social project

FabLab Western Sicily is a non-profit organization created to bring positive change in one of the least developed regions of Europe: Sicily. FabLab WS brings students close to new technologies and empowers them to be digital creators and active users of digital tools. All courses we offer are free so that all students can access them.

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In the

Streaming a movie abroad may soon come with taxes at the border

Keywords: WTO, custom duties, digital trade

Date: February 2024

Interview by Bloomberg on digital trade, WTO and custom duties on electronic transmissions.

La ragazza 3D che fa scuola con il laser [in Italian]

Keywords: Oral 3D, Forbes, FabLab Western Sicily

Date: March 2018

Interview by La Repubblica about Forbes award and FabLab Western Sicily.

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